Tokenization and business

A lot of businesses are looking for ways to tokenize their assets, implement loyalty programs, rewarding mechanisms and other tools to interact with their communities. Right now most of them are loading their own databases with the same users data to analyze them, segment into groups and make target offers or accrue some virtual points.
HyperID empowers tools for ERC20 token creation and management in EVM based blockchains and SPL tokens in Solana for companies, simplifying their Web3 experience. Secure and audited smart contracts are used, opening new capabilities for user engagement and authentication. During the creation of token user may choose one or multiple features from the following list:
  • Cross chain support (integrated bridges)
  • Gasless transactions support
  • Protection against frontrunning and sniping attacks on blockchain level
  • Upgradability of smart contracts for releasing new versions and handling disaster situations
Upon KYB procedure HyperID also provides tools for token management and lifecycle:
  • Token sale smart contracts
  • Vesting smart contracts
  • Staking smart contracts