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Custom MFA Requests

HyperID's custom user confirmations enhance service security with the added layer of biometric authentication
HyperID offers clients the ability to add an extra layer of security to their services by allowing them to request users approvals for their real-world business logic.
One of the basic features is the integration of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) at any point within the service workflow, as previously explained.
A more secure option is to request custom confirmation from their users. HyperID offers the HyperID Authenticator App, a mobile application for 2FA verification and custom MFA requests.
Users receive notifications within the HyperID Authenticator App, containing details of their confirmation request and any required verification codes. Biometric authentication is a prerequisite before confirming the action.
Client application can choose from a variety of confirmation templates, each tailored to specific use cases. These templates, specified using the template_id parameter, dictate how confirmation requests are presented to users.
Additionally, a control code is used to enhance security during the confirmation process. Users must ensure that the code in the HyperID Authenticator App matches the one provided by the client application.
The typical workflow includes:
Client applications also have the ability to cancel requests when necessary, enhancing flexibility and control.