Resource Service REST API

HyperID's Resource Service REST API
HyperID's Resource Service provides REST API to:
  • user's confirmation via Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • user's confirmation via Multi-Factor Authnentication (MFA)
  • operate with user KYC information
  • obtain user social account information
  • manage the user’s wallets
  • exchange data between services (see the Inter-Service Communication paragraph)
  • use MPC nodes
The Resource Service REST API requires authorized access to ensure that authorized clients only can access sensitive information or perform specific actions. This is achieved through the use of access tokens.
The access tokens are unique tokens issued to authorized users to identify and verify their identity. The access tokens are issued when a user requests (and receives) specific credentials during the sign-in procedure that determine what actions the Service Provider can perform within the API.
A typical sequence diagram depicting interaction with the HyperID Resource Service appears as follows:
In addition, it is critical to admit that the user needs to grant permission before accessing the API.
The user must explicitly consent to the Customer service accessing his or her data or performing certain actions on his or her behalf. Such consent is usually obtained during the sign-up procedure and can be withdrawn by the user at any time.