Integration Demo

Discover the versatility of HyperID API by exploring request structures, response handling, and examining source code examples.
HyperID provides a range of demos designed specifically for service provider developers, offering them a comprehensive opportunity to explore and understand the features and capabilities of the platform.
By engaging with these demos, developers will gain a comprehensive understanding of HyperID's inner workings and acquire the knowledge necessary to seamlessly incorporate it into their solutions. Whether developers seek to test HyperID functionalities, grasp its intricate mechanisms, or master its integration, these examples empower you to delve into the vast potential of HyperID.
Through these interactive demos, developers have hands-on access to HyperID's extensive resources and functionalities. They can examine the detailed description of each request, explore the corresponding response structures, and even access source codes example that demonstrate how to interact with the HyperID REST API effectively.
The Interactive Web Demo stands as a comprehensive showcase of HyperID's extensive functionality, encompassing a wide range of features. It serves as a powerful tool for developers to explore and gain insights into the capabilities of HyperID.
Furthermore, alongside the web-demo, developers have access to specialized integration examples designed exclusively for mobile and desktop applications. These examples provide detailed step-by-step instructions on effectively incorporating HyperID's web-flows into these distinct platforms, addressing the unique challenges and intricacies encountered in each environment.
Client registration is not covered in these demos. Instead, preconfigured test client credentials are provided for convenient testing.
However, developers have the option to register their own ClientID via the HyperID Developer's Portal and replace the corresponding credentials with their own.


To try out all the features of demonstrations, please make sure that you have:
  • Valid email address (to create a HyperID account).
  • Valid alternative email address (you will need to use it as a recovery email when configuring an MFA).
  • Telegram account/Twitter account for testing Social Accounts API.
  • Phone number to receive the SMS (e.g. for the KYC section).
  • The demo page provides sample identity and residency verification documents, but you are welcome to use your own ones.
  • HyperID Authenticator App for Sandbox (to add an account, enable MFA, and more): Android | iOS.