Welcome to the HyperID Quick Start Guide, where we'll walk you through the simple process of integrating HyperID into your application. This guide provides a streamlined overview of the integration steps, allowing you to get started quickly.

HyperID offers a comprehensive range of features, and this guide serves as a starting point to demonstrate a basic integration.

For a deeper dive into HyperID's capabilities, please refer to the complete documentation.

Getting Started

Integrating HyperID into your application is easy. It's done in just two simple steps. These steps require little to no time commitment on your part, and in just a few moments, you will be able to provide secure authentication to your users.

To integrate HyperID, proceed as follows:

  1. Register Your Application: Begin by registering your application with the HyperID Developer Portal. This step is essential to obtain the necessary credentials required for integration.

  2. Integrate the Authorization Flow: To complete the integration of the HyperID authorization flow into your application, use the lines of source code and examples provided in this step.

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