Data Encryption

Data encryption algorithms utilized by HyperID
The HyperID platform employs advanced security measures to protect private user data. The platform's high resistance to cryptanalysis is achieved by adopting the cutting-edge data exchange protocols and encryption algorithms.
Due to public key cryptography and encryption key exchange mechanisms introduced in HyperID, users can safely communicate information between various services, maintain data confidentiality, and follow previously configured data access permissions. Such an approach enables users to change the data scopes they want to share with SPs by managing permissions in their HyperID accounts.
The decentralized nature of the HyperID platform makes users the sole owners of the encryption keys, resulting in them to be in a total control over their data, and also empowering them the ability to update, revoke, or otherwise manage access data rights.
HyperID uses the following data encryption algorithms:
Encryption algorithm
Public-Key Cryptography
ECC 512+
Key Exchange Method
Data Encryption
AES 256
Data Integrity
HMAC 512
SHA3 512
When users intend to share their data, HyperID provides a solution that prioritizes their privacy. By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques, such as Zero Knowledge Proofs, HyperID ensures that the user can share their data without compromising its confidentiality.