HyperID One Time Authentication Token

The HyperID One Time Authentication Token service facilitates the storage and processing of user data in a depersonalized manner between services. It creates and stores impersonal indexes for users and manages One Time Auth Tokens for services.
HyperID OTAuthToken Initial Scenario
Applications can use the service to request the creation of an Impersonal Index and the allocation of a One Time Authentication Token (OTAuthToken) for a user's SSO session, which requires MFA approval. This enables applications to store user data and request its processing by the supply service in a depersonalized manner, even when the supply service doesn't know the user's identity.
HyperID OTAuthToken usage scenario
Supply services rely on the Impersonal Index to label resources and on the OTAuthToken to verify permission for operations on this data by applications.
In this context, the user approves the operation within the ecosystem through MFA, but the operation is depersonalized for the supply services.