HyperID Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

HyperID Authenticator MFA-enabled Mobile App
Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA for short, protects your confidential information from unauthorized access. In addition to password, MFA includes more than two authentication factors used to verify your identity. The more authentication factors you use, the more protected your account is.
You enable multi-factor authentication directly on your mobile device with the dedicated HyperID Authenticator mobile application. If you set up Multi-factor authentication, you can use the HyperID Authenticator app to confirm sensitive actions (for example, transaction approval).
The MFA security measures adds one more security layer to your account, helping to keep it safe from cybercriminals even if your password is compromised or stolen. You can still receive one-time password codes without an internet connection or mobile service.
HyperID MFA security settings
With MFA enabled, you can:
  • confirm highly sensitive actions
  • manage single sign-on sessions
  • control access rights
  • use biometrics to authorize services
Other features let you:
  • Strengthen code generation security using predefined cryptographic hash algorithms: SHA-256 or SHA-512
  • Specify the desired time step or counter when adding a new account. The period is not limited to 30 seconds.
  • Get detailed information about your account requests
  • Analyze data about your active sessions
  • Add accounts for different kinds of services