MultiPass - KYC Verification

Learn how HyperID offers KYC / Identity verification while protecting anonymity
HyperID MultiPass is a unique and personalized reusable digital pass, based on user's KYC and similar information. It acts as an identity verification feature that allows granting user access based on their verified attributes such as KYC application date, country code, phone number country code, residence country code, liveness check, age, and etc.
HyperID MultiPass
Users can obtain their MultiPass after completing Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure once using their HyperID account, and then use it multiple times for future KYC checks. HyperID MultiPass provides each user with a unique, reusable digital pass that verifies their identity without revealing any personal information. This allows users to skip the process of proving their identity each time they join a new project. Instead, they grant permission to services to check their ID information automatically.
With user MultiPass-enabled, projects are relieved from the burden of micromanaging checking if people are legally allowed to perform specific actions within the service. They can rest assured that their product is secure from potential reputation damage and financial repercussions caused by the investigation by regulating authorities.
Additionally, MultiPass offers a variety of verifiable credentials that can be used as inputs for a sophisticated compliance program:
  1. 1.
    Verify real-world identities using government-issued ID documents.
  2. 2.
    Verify liveness with a selfie video to determine whether the user is a bot.
  3. 3.
    Verify age to ensure that users meet the age criteria requirements.
  4. 4.
    Check location
HyperID MultiPass is compatible with both web2.0 and web3 technologies, offering a range of identity verification options. HyperID MultiPass provides a completely On-Chain Identity Solution, enabling service providers to verify user identity through smart contracts only, as well as fully offline KYC verification through REST API calls. Service providers can choose to use either method, combine both, or even integrate the HyperID MultiPass technology into their own KYC processes.