How Service Providers Meet Compliance Regulations

Information on how HyperID helps service providers achieve compliance
This chapter provides a high-level overview of Compliance with Regulatory Rules. For more detailed information, please refer to the previous chapter.
HyperID provides mechanisms to meet the needs of both Users and Service Providers:
  • Service Providers store HyperID-encrypted user data in their repositories.
  • Service Providers do not manage user passwords or encryption keys, and can only access encrypted user data when the user is authorized.
  • Encrypted user data can only be accessed after the appropriate permissions have been obtained from the user, and key shadows have been obtained from HyperSphere MPC Nodes, allowing the encryption key to be recovered just on-site before usage.
  • Service Providers retain access to specific fragments of a user's identity, rather than all of the user's personal information.
  • Users retain full control of their data and can revoke the Service Provider's access to the HyperID key shadows, restricting them access to their data.