Social Accounts

Onboard users into HyperID utilizing social media accounts
The HyperID platform provides various methods for signing users in.
One of these methods is the ability to use social accounts as login credentials. This feature allows users to log in to the platform using their credentials of existing social accounts such as Google, Twitter, Telegram, etc. Each of the HyperID Web 2.0 authorization flows supports logging in through social media accounts.
Socials in HyperID
Another HyperID feature lets users to conveniently add their social media account handles to their HyperID account, thereby expanding their identity on the platform. This approach, in turn, permits Service Providers to query these handles based on the user's permission using the Social Accounts API. Because HyperID applies direct user verification through associated social accounts, it can guarantee ownership of a user's social media account.
On top of this, Service Providers can check whether a user is subscribed to a particular social media account. This feature is especially beneficial for services that offer subscription-based content or services.