Discover how HyperID enables users to stay on top of their data
When using HyperID users have complete control over their personal data and how it is shared with third-party services. Here are some of the main benefits of being in charge of administering your personal data:

Security and Privacy

With HyperID, personal data is always encrypted, ensuring that it is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. The service is decentralized, which means no one but the user controls the keys to their data and only the user decides with whom, when, and for how long to share the access to their data.
The HyperID platform also empowers users to stay on top of their personal data and digital ID providing logging and alerts. Proper and timely notification of the user about important events in regards to their HyperID account helps prevent unauthorized actions and further protect user data.
This enables control over how services access and treat the data, unlocking the ability for the user to ensure the protection of their privacy.
In addition to encryption and user control, HyperID's Verifiable Credentials (VC) implementation offers another essential feature for user privacy. With VC, users can selectively disclose specific attributes or credentials without revealing their complete personal information.

Device and Session Management

Device management is the process of controlling and monitoring access to devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, that are used to access sensitive data. HyperID enables the user to manage which devices can access their HyperID account, notifies when a sign-on is attempted from a new device and provide the ability to allow or block the device on the spot. This means that only devices authorized by the user can access HyperID and the data within it. The user also holds the power to terminate access at any time.
New device approval notification
A similar approach is applied to session management in HyperID. The user is in complete control over the process of monitoring and managing active user sessions.
These two processes are critical to maintaining the security of sensitive data because they ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data.

Flexible Data Processing

HyperID puts the user in charge of defining the scope and duration of access to their data, ensuring that it is only accessed by authorized parties and for specific purposes. This enables the flexibility to share data with services prove to be trustworthy, keeping it private from others, and retaining the ability to take back control at any time.
Information about data SP has access to

Consistent Data Control

By managing permissions within the HyperID account, users can easily adjust what scopes of data they want to share with third-party services. Mainly, users have the ability to revoke, change or deny access rights to their data at any given point in time. This ensures consistent control over data across all services and applications all within a single Web 2.0 and Web3 compatible digital ID.
Apps and services access management
With the power to administer their personal data, users can ensure that their privacy is protected, personal data is secure, and that it is only used for specific purposes and only by services that the user trusts.