Integration with wallets

Classic approach to crypto wallets doesn’t imply its mass adoption. Procedure of seed phrase creation, complicated backup and storage makes standard flow too complicated for the average Web2 user. That’s why Web3 is still not as popular as it should be.
HyperID makes mass adoption of cryptocurrency much easier! With unique encryption capabilities based on storing users’ private key parts for multi-party computation (MPC) HyperID enables immediate seed phrase creation and backup for every DID account created.
Here is the brief list of services and opportunities are opening to wide audience with HyperID integration into crypto wallets:
  • Creation of blockchain wallets for all blockchains
  • Backups/restorations of seed phares and key pairs
  • Buying crypto with fiat fast with sharing zero-knowledge proofs of passed KYC
  • Quick and easy access to trusted integrated dApps
  • Private and protected transactions (working directly with MEV, avoiding mempool)
  • Gasless transactions
  • Easy access to decentralized crypto exchanges
  • Receiving notifications for your blockchain addresses