Gasless transactions

Gasless transactions (as it comes from their name) do not require the use of gas to be executed. This makes it much easier for the users to plunge into the world of blockchain. For example, classic Web2 users would be able to interact with tokens or NFTs without even knowing what the gas is.
Users no longer need to go through an overcomplicated process of getting the required cryptocurrency for every particular blockchain which often includes:
  • Researching to pinpoint the correct cryptocurrency
  • Finding exchange that trades the needed cryptocurrency
  • Registering on the crypto exchange
  • Passing KYC
  • Buying required cryptocurrency with fiat
  • Withdrawing of the required cryptocurrency to the user’s wallet
HyperID provides typical gasless ERC20 and ERC721 token contracts, as well as custom development options. Service providers may pay for their users, set their own spending limits and more.
Combination of wallet integration, Gasless contracts and HyperID gives Web2 users seamless access to blockchain (there is no specific knowledge or actions required).