The Service Provider ecosystem of projects is based on HyperID solutions including:
  • Authentication Point Single authentication solution, allowing projects to easily authenticate users without storing user data, but getting access to them by user permission. Convenient Web2 and Web3 sign in opportunities are seamlessly combined, allowing users to be authorized by email, Google account, Ethereum wallet, Solana wallet and more. Single KYC procedure makes all user wallets verified and capable for all procedures requiring authentication
  • Authenticator Application HyperID Authenticator mobile app (iOS + Android), which provides a variety of second factors and biometric authentication. Client services can use Authenticator for any type of confirmations and even directly for blockchain transactions signing.
  • Service Interoperability and Data Exchange HyperID Resource Service handles enhanced encryption and data sharing features, enabled by secure Client-Service communication. Services may add information into the user profile and get access to it by user permission.